Emmanuelle Herman: Celebrating 21st-Century Feminism and Why It Matters

In a room full of feminists the other day, someone asked 'What have we achieved over the past 10 years?' To my surprise, the room fell silent. Is it really that hard to name a couple of recent successes?

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Officers Elected for 2015-2017

 Congratulations to the newly elected leadership of the Stonewall Democrats of Alachua County:

President: Ben Meyers

Vice-President:  Helen Strain

Treasurer: Don Herget

Secretary: Abby Goldsmith

Board Members: Bob Karp and Flo Turcotte

Congratulations to Terry Fleming on his election as President of the Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus!

Nathan Manske: ‘I Literally Went Back to Zero': Woman Sacrificed Everything for This One Reason (VIDEO)

2015-04-16-1429228426-8515937-2015041514291062823117356MilaJamsmall.jpgMila decided to sacrifice all she had worked so hard to achieve -- she deleted her YouTube channel, lost all her subscribers, and gave up her fame -- so that she could focus on finally becoming the woman she had been hiding.

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Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson: It’s Not Just About a Telescope

The movement to protect and preserve the summit of Mauna Kea, one of the most sacred sites in the Hawaiian Islands, has grown from a small group of local activists to a much larger and diverse coalition around the globe.

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Olivia Wilson: The Politics of Shame and Pride

Shame. It governs our lives in more ways than we'd want it to. Any cringe, embarrassment, infraction of social norms; It is a learnt mechanism to pull us back into a narrative that we have been told our whole lives.

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Molly Fosco: Why Gossip About Bruce Jenner Is Damaging to the Transgender Community

We don't know if Bruce Jenner identifies as transgender. We don't know anything about the situation. I expect we will find out a lot more when he sits down with Diane Sawyer for a two-hour interview on April 24th, but until then, we shouldn't assume we know anything at all.

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Grace Anne Stevens: My Transgender Life – Time Travel Is Not That Hard, But Stopping Is

Perhaps it is because I have reached that certain age. What seemed to be well organized and put in their proper time sequence does not seem to work the same way it used to.

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Dana Beyer: As the Wedge Turns: Is a Federal LGBT Civil Rights Act Actually Feasible in the Near Future?

With the support of the American business community, which is coming to the fore for equality as never before, we might just be able to accomplish what no one has thought possible: a federal LGBT Civil Rights Act produced by a Republican Congress.

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DNC Chair Statement on National Equal Pay Day

Washington, DC – DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz issued the following statement today on National Equal Pay Day:

"As the party that puts the middle class first, Democrats are proud to fight for equal pay every single day. The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was the very first bill signed into law by President Obama, setting the tone for an administration that would recognize the contributions women make to our nation’s economy. But we know that our work isn't finished.

"The Paycheck Fairness Act would help level the playing field for women, but unfortunately, Congressional Republicans and Republican candidates for president have opposed it at every turn.

"Not content to merely vote against the Paycheck Fairness Act in the Senate, Marco Rubio said it was “wasting time,” Rand Paul compared it to the Soviet Union’s Politburo and Ted Cruz derided it as a “show vote.” Chris Christie and Rick Perry vetoed equal pay legislation in their states, and Scott Walker repealed equal pay enforcement in Wisconsin. But the most out-of-touch GOP hopeful may be Jeb Bush, who didn’t even know what the Paycheck Fairness Act was.

"Unlike members of the Republican party, Democrats are proud to support policies that open the door to more opportunities for the middle class and help working families’ paychecks go farther. Democrats and the American people understand that equal pay is a necessity to ensure that hardworking Americans can get ahead in a 21st century economy. We won't stop fighting for women and the middle class and we have one question for the GOP, 'Whose side are they on?'"

DNC Chair Statement on Marco Rubio’s 2016 Announcement

Washington, DC – In response to Marco Rubio’s announcement that he will run for president in 2016, DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement:

“As Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign gets underway, expect him to try and portray himself as a bold, new leader with fresh ideas. But the truth is – as those of us in Florida know all too well – he’s simply peddling the same stale, harmful wares that the rest of the Republican Party is selling.

“At every opportunity, Rubio has revealed his true colors - taking outdated positions that match up with the Republican base instead of doing what’s best for his constituents and the country. Rather than propose a serious tax plan that aims to grow the middle class and expand opportunity for all Americans, his plan is a GOP wish list - slashing taxes for those at the top and shifting the burden onto working Americans. He even went so far as to run away from his own immigration plan when the most extreme wing of his party put pressure on him, and he supported shutting the government down to deny people quality health care, costing our economy $24 billion.

“Rubio says he’s a new type of Republican, but the only things he’s ever championed are the same failed policies the public has already rejected, and the only cause he’s ever advanced is his own.”

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