Vanessa Sheridan: Transgender Awareness Training: A Business Essential

The world will continue to change and the business community must continue to respond to those changes in effective ways.

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Grace Anne Stevens: My Transgender Life: (R)evolutionary Love

The revolutionary idea that I could live my life operating from a place of love more than from a place of stress all the time, began to change my life. Perhaps living my truth was the best way for me to survive.

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Christian Hendricks: Transgender Healthcare Equality (VIDEO)

Healthcare access issues for trans people are largely overlooked -- often because healthcare isn't a sexy topic for the media, but it's an increasingly important part of the LGBTQ movement.

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Zoe Dolan: Transgender Cinderella: A Man, the Stroke of Midnight and Genitalia

I always dreaded what I sought most: a moment of intimacy. At that point my coach would turn back into a pumpkin and my gown would disappear in an instant.

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Lucas Waldron: I Tried to Beat the Anxiety Algorithm

For the parts of anxiety that can be controlled, I'm learning that everything comes down to loving yourself.

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Dana Beyer: A Psychiatrist Writing in The New York Times Forgets That First He Should "Do No Harm"

I need to highlight the issue that underlies this debate, and has fueled the decades of hostility towards trans women of all ages -- misogyny.

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Caitlyn Jenner: Caitlyn Jenner: You Need To Know About This Camp For Extraordinary Kids

On the surface, it looks like any other children's summer camp -- kids are running around doing sports, swimming, and lots of other fun activities. However, it's a retreat entirely for transgender children, teens, and their families.

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From Superhero To Supermodel

As a naïve kindergartener, Kritchaya “Lolita” Boonhor—now 24—dreamed of the day she could become a superhero. And, in a ...

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J Mase III: Hell Y’all Ain’t Talmbout: An Epic Response to Trans Erasure [Audio]

While many have praised Monae as creating a song for the current movement, many in the black trans community have noticed a glaring mistake in the selection of names uplifted in her piece, which was created to highlight the black victims of state violence.

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Andrew Gelwicks: Making of a Style Icon: The Stylist Behind Laverne Cox’s Fashion

"I knew that styling Laverne Cox came with more responsibility than just vanity. She inspires people simply by what she is wearing. And then she speaks and inspires them more. I understand and take my responsibility very seriously. I know eyes are on Laverne from all over the world."

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