Andy Marra: What I’ve Learned By Falling In Love With A Cook

I'm not sure if anyone or anything can ever really prepare you for all of the trials that come with loving someone who cooks for a living.

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Elle Hearns: Without Black Women, There Is No Future

We are so committed to protecting Black masculinity and Black men. We rarely think about how vulnerable Black women and Black femininity are. Why are we more invested in protecting Black masculinity than we are in protecting ourselves from Black masculinity?

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Charlize Veritas: Video Games Allow Transgender People to Be Themselves

You get to be the hero or the villain. You get to save the world or destroy it. You can become the richest tycoon or fight real time strategy battles against live opponents. You can travel to places you've never imagined and see things we can only dream about. For transgender people it's something even more special. A dream we've held for so long.

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Quora: What "Passing" Means In The Transgender Community

How is "passing" regarded inside the trans community, regarded outside the trans community, and what if anything can trans allies do to help? original...

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Melanie Bishop: Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family

During my twenty-two years as a professor, I had half a dozen students who were in some stage of gender transition, but it wasn't until reading Becoming Nicole, that I really got it.

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Charlize Veritas: The Dangers of Being Transgender — The Attack On Jacie Leopold

On the night of the company Christmas party, Jacie was struck in the face by a coworker who will remain unnamed at this time. She was knocked unconscious. To stop the violence we all have to stand up for people like Jacie and show the world that transgender people are just that -- people.

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Ravishly: 6 Easy Ways to Make Me, a Transgender Person, Extremely Uncomfortable

My favorite question is when someone asks me what I was "born as." The answer is simple: A badass. An alien. A badass alien. I think it's safe to say that I will share any details about my past -- whether it's about my gender or not -- if and when I feel comfortable doing so.

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Paul Katz: Gay Vs. Queer: Labels and Limitations

I didn't boycott either the British or American Queer As Folk series because the word "queer" was in the title. I can't imagine not clicking on this HuffPost page just because I'm not fully in line with the word "queer".

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Dina Nina Martinez: I’m Not Your Tinderella

It's tough enough for any woman to date in the age of "Netflix and Chill," but throw in "transgender" and it becomes near impossible to meet the person of your dreams.

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This Trans Man Just Came Out To The World In The Best Way Possible

Coming out as queer isn't a "one and done" experience. Queer people must come out over and over again throughout their lives to many different...

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