Extralegal Ruling Shames Alabama Supreme Court

The order, which has no foundation in constitutional law, flies in the face a prevailing federal ruling by Judge Callie V.S. Granade issued weeks ago.

Brynn Tannehill: What You Need to Know About Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills

Understandably, this has caused fear and dismay among transgender people around the country. We all have to use the bathroom, but these laws would seemingly force transgender people to choose between fines and jail, risking horrific violence or leaving the state.

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Transgender Discrimination Bill Scheduled for Hearing in Florida House Civil Justice Committee

Today is the first day of the state legislative session in Tallahassee and already mean-spirited, anti-transgender legislation has been put on the calendar for a vote.

Activists Fast-Tracking Anti-LGBT Bill in Alabama

HRC Alabama sounds the alarm on H.B. 56, which could trigger a wave of lawsuits and allow probate judges, hospitals to refuse to follow the law.

Marriage Equality Comes to Slovenia

Slovenia becomes first Central European country to pass marriage equality

This is What 207,551 Signatures Looks Like…

Today, HRC announced that an unprecedented number of Americans have come out in support of marriage equality by signing on to The People's Brief.

Actress and Arkansas Native Mary Steenburgen Announces Opposition to ‘Conscience Protection Act’

Academy Award-winning actress and Arkansas native Mary Steenburgen voiced her opposition to H.B. 1228 in an email to HRC Arkansas supporters this week.

HRC Nebraska Announces LGBT Workplace Equality Pledge, Over 100 Businesses Say ‘Yes’ to Inclusion

HRC’s Equality Is Our Business Pledge aims to encourage workplace equality for LGBT people.

Transgender Student’s Discrimination Case Advances in Michigan Court

Last week, the Departments of Justice and Education submitted a statement of interest in federal court in support of a 14-year-old transgender student in Michigan who sued his school for gender based discrimination.

HRC Arkansas Announces LGBT Workplace Equality Pledge, Over 100 Businesses Say ‘Yes’ to Diversity

HRC’s Equality Is Our Business Pledge Aims to Encourage Workplace Equality for LGBT People
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