Demi Lovato Beautifully Dedicates Song To Bruce Jenner

Actress and singer Demi Lovato took some time during her New Zealand concert on Saturday, April 25, to dedicate a song to Bruce Jenner following the a...

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Dori Hartley: How Bruce Jenner’s Story Allowed Me to Finally See My Own

After seeing Bruce Jenner's outstanding interview last night with Diane Sawyer, I felt so tightly locked on to some of the things he said that I couldn't shake the feeling of pure truth in his words. I related to that truth in my own life's experience.

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Jeffrey S. Trachtman: We Can Talk About Bruce’s Politics Without Ruining the Moment

I don't see the contradiction in embracing the good Jenner has done, while respectfully asking "What the heck?" on his apparently discordant politics -- not to enforce liberal orthodoxy, but to encourage self-reflection in someone who has a unique public platform.

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What Happens When A Onetime Icon Of American Masculinity Comes Out As Trans

Growing up, I thought of Bruce Jenner as the kind of man I could never become. Now, I think of her as the kind of woman I try to be....

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Ashland Johnson: It’s Time for a New Playbook: Transgender Inclusion in Sports

Trans visibility might be increasing in everyday society but this trend is not translating to the sports world in the same way it has for LGB players. Out-of-date policies have to be combated, dismantled and replaced with policies that respect transgender identities.

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Ashley Alteman: Bruce Jenner, I Applaud You

Jenner's message reached across the board, and my hopes are that Bruce's interview, his truth, his explanation of who he is today and where he plans to go in the future with "her," has reached people who resonate with his journey. I hope this will push further discussion, acceptance, understanding and most of all, empathy.

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Kadia Blagrove: Bruce Jenner Perfectly Explains Transgender Experience With One Sentence

From one sentence I realized, it's not for me to understand something I can't naturally relate to, but I must be compassionate. No one owes anyone a detailed breakdown of their personal and private experiences (especially when it can be so hard to put into words). The message is: I don't feel like my true self.

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Scout, Ph.D.: Here Are The Most Common Questions About The Trans Community, Answered

At every LGBTQ training I give, people are the most interested in one thing: trans people. So what is transgender? It's a persistent feeling that your gender does not match the sex you were assigned at birth. Evidence leads us to believe we are about .5 percent of the population, or one in every 200 people.

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Jim Joseph: Bruce Jenner: A Hero Once Again

It's not easy to come out and share your story, but we all have to do it if we are going to change the world. It certainly wasn't easy for Bruce, as we all now know, but he did it...for himself and for all of us. We are all so fortunate to have a hero (and his family) help us all do the same.

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Laura A. Jacobs, LCSW-R: Bruce Jenner, the Hottentot Venus and Me

Everyone who transitions does so somewhat publicly, though not all of us have cameras focused on our every move. When we speak of Bruce, hopefully we can remember that Bruce is, at heart, a person, and give him the dignity he is due.

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