Manatee LGBT Dems Social

The Manatee GLBTA Democratic Caucus is hosting a social for Manatee LGBT Dems!

Come join us a 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 23, 2015 for a Manatee LGBT Dems Social at:

O’Bricks on Old Main
427 12th St. W.
Bradenton, FL 34205

You do not have to be a member to come enjoy the fun!  Come out and join us!

Dana Beyer: The ‘Utah Compromise’ as Seen After the Indiana Tipping Point

What this compromise is not is a model for other states. Utah is a unique entity, and offering ever-increasing room for religious exceptions elsewhere would undermine the value of all antidiscrimination laws. Utah was not going to step back from its broad religious-liberty exceptions, but other states shouldn't expand theirs.

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Sarah Beauchamp: A Queer Movie That Doesn’t Lead With Its Queer Foot

While the film doesn't revolve around sexuality, through the character of Shirin, Akhavan sheds light on an otherwise underrepresented group of people. "No one believes in bisexuality," Akhavan says.

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Dorie Clark: How LGBT Professionals Can Stand Out at Work

For years, the dominant question for LGBT professionals was whether it was safe to be out at work. Though the battle is far from over - there are stil...

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Grace Anne Stevens: My Transgender Life – Reflections

There have been many days when I did not want to look in a mirror. Many, many days! Reflection's can be funny things.

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Warren J. Blumenfeld: 13 Ways to Create Safe & Supportive Schools for LGBATQQI People

Throughout the world, on university and grade school campuses, in communities and homes, and in the media, issues of sexual identity and gender identity and expression are increasingly "coming out of the closet."

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Emmanuelle Herman: Celebrating 21st-Century Feminism and Why It Matters

In a room full of feminists the other day, someone asked 'What have we achieved over the past 10 years?' To my surprise, the room fell silent. Is it really that hard to name a couple of recent successes?

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Officers Elected for 2015-2017

 Congratulations to the newly elected leadership of the Stonewall Democrats of Alachua County:

President: Ben Meyers

Vice-President:  Helen Strain

Treasurer: Don Herget

Secretary: Abby Goldsmith

Board Members: Bob Karp and Flo Turcotte

Congratulations to Terry Fleming on his election as President of the Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus!

Nathan Manske: ‘I Literally Went Back to Zero': Woman Sacrificed Everything for This One Reason (VIDEO)

2015-04-16-1429228426-8515937-2015041514291062823117356MilaJamsmall.jpgMila decided to sacrifice all she had worked so hard to achieve -- she deleted her YouTube channel, lost all her subscribers, and gave up her fame -- so that she could focus on finally becoming the woman she had been hiding.

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Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson: It’s Not Just About a Telescope

The movement to protect and preserve the summit of Mauna Kea, one of the most sacred sites in the Hawaiian Islands, has grown from a small group of local activists to a much larger and diverse coalition around the globe.

Read more: Mauna Kea, Telescope, Hawaii, Protest, Native, Trans, Transgender, Lgbt, Kumu Hina, Pbs, Documentary, Tmk, Hawaii News

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