Nate Warden: Lessons From Thanksgiving at Home

I didn't have the patience to accept others for who they were, mostly because I didn't think others had the patience to accept me for who I was. There were the usual challenges a young gay man faces before coming out, and I don't mean for my brevity to belittle them. They're brutal. But this isn't a coming out story. This is a coming home story.

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Andrew Royce Bauer: Do You Exclude Transgender People?

Source: Twitter

Sitting down in a room of strangers brought together for the very first time to discuss emerging topics such as sexuality and inclus...

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Brynn Tannehill: Debunking Bathroom Myths

All of this is that fear mongering and legislation against transgender people using bathrooms has zero actual benefit, and many clearly understood consequences that affect both transgender and cisgender people.

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Daniella Carter: From Homelessness to Activism: How One Trans Woman Is Standing in Her Truth

It wasn't easy surviving on the streets, while at the same time, going to school everyday. At age 14, for me and for many LGBTQ youth, getting ready for school the night before looked very different than it does for the average youth.

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Isaac Fornarola: 8 Things That Will Definitely Happen on Thanksgiving If You’re Trans

Today is Turkey Day, and you're trans. You know it's about to get tricky. Maybe it's the first Thanksgiving that you've been out to your family. Maybe you're a seasoned pro. Either way, if you're wondering what to expect, here are 8 things that are, well, definitely going to happen.

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Revolutionary New Surgery Could Allow Trans Women To Carry Children

A new surgery could allow transgender women to become pregnant.
A clinic in Ohio recently started screening women for the ground-breaking procedure, w...

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Trans Women And Trans Men Offer Intimate Answers To Personal Questions

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Mary J. Moss: Everyone Deserves a Seat at the Table

After another Transgender Day of Remembrance, and with Thanksgiving on its way, I hope for all of the kids who have come out as transgender that their families can also find a seat at the table for them.

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Janet Mason: Expanding Gender and Making It Roomier for All Of Us: three from Daylight Books

Gender has always been on my mind -- or in my face -- whether I like it or not. As a budding feminist and then a young lesbian with short hair, I was called "Sir" on more than one occasion. I didn't like it, but was happy to have the privileges that being perceived as male brought. I am over six feet tall and trained as a martial artist.

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Ed Coffin: You Don’t Care Who Won a Glamour Award, You’re Just a Transphobic Bigot

Let's be honest, people aren't concerned with who actually deserved the honor, they are clearly outraged by the fact that a trans woman grabbed the spotlight.

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