Welcome to the Special Envoy for LGBT Rights

HRC was well represented at today’s reception for Randy Berry, the newly-announced Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBT Persons

Sleater-Kinney Joins HRC’s Equality Rocks Campaign

Rock band Sleater-Kinney has joined HRC’s Equality Rocks campaign.

Catwoman Comes Out as Bisexual

DC Comics’ Catwoman Selina Kyle comes out as bisexual in the latest issue of the hit comic series.

House of Peace

Recently, HRC Mississippi had the pleasure of hosting a group of 11th graders from Needham, Massachusetts.

West Virginians Come Out Against Discriminatory “Abolishing Local Liberty Bill” During House Hearing

Today’s House hearing on West Virginia’s so-called Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act, HB 2881, received overwhelming opposition from LGBT and straight advocates, business leaders, community members and elected officials.

I am a Survivor Of “Conversion Therapy.” It’s Time to Ban it in Oregon.

​One of the bills in front of the Oregon House this session is House Bill 2307, the Youth Mental Health Protection Act. 

As Jeb Bush Gears up 2016 Presidential Campaign, HRC Highlights His Opposition to LGBT Equality

Today, the HRC released a comprehensive research report on potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush that highlights his record opposing LGBT equality.

Focused on What’s Important: Cedric Gum

At 25-years-old, Arkansas native and community activist Cedric Gum has seen it all.

2016 Republican Facts: Presidential Hopefuls on Marriage Equality

This afternoon, Republican candidates will gather at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) for a panel on the “future of marriage.”

Kris Hayashi: When Visibility is not Enough

Failure to adequately protect transgender students means that transgender people and their families often face hostile, unsafe, or unwelcoming school environments. Harassment and violence make it difficult for transgender students to obtain the skills and education they need to succeed.

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